LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS
The Association of Italian families involved
in the fight against the Lesch-Nyhan
English abstract of the personal data processing in compliance with the Italian National Law 30/06/2003 Nb. 196, entitled: Code for the protection of personal data.

1. Overview
In compliance with the Italian National Law D.L. 196/2003 (Privacy Code) LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS releases to the foreign visitors of the web site
www.lesch-nyhan.eu the following abstract of its privacy policy. The present policy has to be referred to this web site only, and is not intended for the possible external links.

1.1. Holder and Responsible of the data processing
The holder of the processing is: LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS with the address: Via Giovanetti, 15-20 - 16149 Genova (GE) The responsible of the data processing is Paola Mazzuchi. You can reach the responsible at the email address: info@lesch-nyhan.eu

1.2. Place of the data processing
The place where the data processing of this web site takes place is the Headquarters of LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS. The data are processed by the authorized technical personnel only.

2.1. Navigation data
The information systems and the software procedures of this web site acquire, during the normal operations, some personal data. Information such as IP addresses, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, the time of the requests, the browser and the methods used to process the requests, and other parameters related to the operating system and the computing environment of the user. These data are collected for statistical reason only and are cancelled immediately after the elaboration.

2.2. Data provided voluntarily by the user
LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS ensures that all the data provided by the user (name, address, email address) used by the information request forms are processed only for the execution of the service and are not disclosed to third parties.

2.3. Cookies
This web site doesn't use cookies for the transmission of personal data. The session c.d. Cookies are used for the normal transmission of the session IDs and vanished once the browser is closed by the user.

2.4. Optionality of the data entry
Exception made for the navigation data, the user is free to indicate his personal data in the forms provided by the web site. It would be impossible for LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS to ensure the services without the data entry by the user.

3.1. Data entries
The personal data are processed with automated tools for the time strictly necessary. Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss, illecit uses and unauthrized accesses.

3.2. External links
Some pages of the present web site could content links to external web sites, not directly managed by LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS. LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS declines any responsibility about their contents, security and privacy policy.

4. Subjects Rights
The subjects whose data are collected have the right, in compliance with the Art. 7 of the D.L. 196/2003, at any time and without any formality, to obtain the confirm of the existence of their personal data, to know their contents and verify their accuracy, and to ask their correction or their permanent deletion. All the requests could be sent to the address email: info@lesch-nyhan.eu , or directly to LND Famiglie Italiane ONLUS - Via Giovanetti, 15-20 - 16149 Genova (GE).
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